About the Zen Dog Team

Zen Dog was founded on the idea of providing the pet community with quality products at a reasonable price. Making quality products affordable is extremely important to me as an owner of a large pack myself. I am the owner of six wonderful dogs and have been a stepping stone in the lives of many other animals. My passion for animals has lead me to the opening of my own pet supply business not only to the dog community but to my local community where it is frequently hard to find anything but chain pet stores. My goal is to soon open my own storefront to invite the community in for seminars on raising your dog correctly, how to properly socialize and desensitize your puppies to give them the best possible tools for a great life. I also hope to host other seminars on pets like catios and leash training your cat, bioactive terrariums for reptiles and invertebrates, and appropriate tank sizes for common fish. My community is important to me and helping properly educate my community on how to keep their pets safe and healthy is where my passion truly lies. I hope to take a stand against Backyard Breeding and educate people on how to find a responsible breeder or rescue, and how to pick the right dog for their family instead of basing their decision on just how cute a dog is. Nutrition and Canine (feline too) Fitness are really where I flourish, making sure our pet's are at healthy weights greatly increases their length and quality of life overall. I hope that through my business I can help my local pet community truly thrive.

As my wonderful little company continues to grow it is important to me that we choose a handful of select charities to donate to. We are careful to choose charities that align well with our core values and beliefs. 





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